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COVID-19 Statement & Holiday Information

Last updated: Monday 17th May 2021

What a long winter that was! We trust you are all well and looking forward to the summer ahead.

We open our doors 28th May, and can’t wait to see you.

Our priority as always will be to keep everyone safe – that’s you, our guests, but also our team. We see this as a joint effort so please be responsible and play your part.

With this in mind, we’d really appreciate it if you take a moment to read the information below.

  • Please telephone 01983 406655 to make your reservation in advance, or book online at sandringhamhotel.co.uk/book.
  • If you are travelling as part of a group, or with others, please be advised that you must do so in line with current government guidance which, at present, is: “The Rule of 6” or “2 Households”.
  • Full contactless pre-payment will be taken at the time you make your reservation – either online, or with our reservations team over the telephone.
  • Please don’t travel to the Isle of Wight if you are unwell, or should you or any of your party develop COVID-19 symptoms prior to your stay.
  • Call us and we will do our best to rearrange your booking to another date, providing you are able to provide proof of a positive test result.
  • Please show your payment card and photo ID on arrival. Don’t forget to bring it – we’ll need to see it.
  • Prior to your arrival you will be asked/reminded to pre-register online. You can complete this here if you haven’t already done so.
  • In addition, all guests (16+) must check in using the NHS COVID-19 app, by scanning the QR code on arrival. If you would prefer not to do this, the receptionist will need to take this information in a written format – this will be retained securely for 21 days and then destroyed in accordance with NHS test and trace requirements, and data protection regulations.
  • We respectfully ask that you make check in as quick as possible and refrain from congregating in the reception and entrance lobby, to minimise contact. Information is available in our guest directory, available once you connect to Wi-Fi. If there is anything else you need you can always call reception your in-room telephone.
  • Check in will be contactless other than to hand you your key, check your payment card and photo ID, and ensure you have scanned the QR code for test and trace purposes.
  • Please keep your key(s) safely on you at all times; we won’t need it again until the day you leave.
  • Whilst inside and moving around the building, we respectfully ask you to maintain a sufficient (social) distance from others – 2 meters is ideal, but 1 meter is the very minimum.
  • We also remind you to sanatise your hands upon entering and leaving the hotel, and regularly as you will already be used to. You will also need to wear a face covering indoors at all times, except when you are in your own accommodation, or when you are eating or drinking.
  • If you are able, we suggest you take the stairs and not the lift. This is to avoid congregating in a confined space.
  • If you do need (or wish) to use the lift, we suggest you only do so with the members of your family / travel party, and that you observe the maximum numbers.
  • Prior to your arrival, our housekeeping team will have undertaken a thorough sanatising regime and ensured that all high contact touching surfaces in your room have been sanatised and disinfected.
  • At this time, we will not service your room daily unless you ask us to do so. We will simply enter the room to exchange your tea cups, empty your bin and leave additional provisions if required.
  • We don’t want to spoil your fun, but remember, you will need to observe the current guidelines which are, at the moment, “The Rule of 6” or “2 Households” indoors.
  • Our team will help to monitor this; please understand they have a duty to ensure we are compliant and that they aren’t trying to spoil your fun.
  • You’ll notice that public areas, including the lounge and dining room, have been reconfigured to ensure suitable and sufficient social distancing; we respectfully ask that you don’t move the furniture.
  • Capacity has been limited in our dining room to allow for maximum social distancing.
  • If you haven’t booked meal, we won’t be able to book you in for individual meals. You’ll need to go to reception and book in for the duration of your stay so that you can have a table assigned to you.
  • If you have already booked a meal package with us, you will be allocated your own table for the duration of your stay.
  • On your first evening with us, please wait to be seated and we will show you to your table.
  • Our maximum table size is six people. If you are from two households and your party size is larger than six, we will seat you on two or more tables nearby to each other.
  • Tables and chairs will be thoroughly sanatised and disinfected at the end of your stay, after breakfast, and before being allocated to a new guest.
  • Alas you won’t be able to buy a drink at the bar, congregate at the bar nor stand and enjoy your drink at the bar as, at the moment, we are instructed to serve all drinks via table service.
  • Please take a seat and we will be with you as soon as we are able. The lounge bar is open daily for hot, cold and alcoholic beverages from 4 PM.
  • If the weather is good and there is space on the terrace, why not make the most of it?
  • At the moment we are offering a drinks and meal service to residents only, so enjoy the exclusivity of our venue which is just for you!
  • Our preferred payment method is contactless – using your debit/credit card or NFC-enabled smart phone/watch.
  • We can accept contactless payments up to and including £45.
  • The swimming pool is open for hotel guests only.
  • We will be limiting numbers in line with the guidance given to us and, as always, we ask you to maintain a safe social distance from others.
  • The changing rooms are closed.
  • Please change in your bedrooms before coming down to use the pool.
  • Guests are asked to check out by 10:30 AM.
  • This is really important and will allow us sufficient time to air, clean, and sanatise the accommodation sufficiently before any new guests arrive.
  • Use the drop-off box provided to return your key(s) into; don’t just leave it on the desk, as you may be liable to pay for replacement if it goes missing.
  • When you leave your accommodation please remember to take all personal belongings with you. We will be unable to store or return any lost property.
  • If you become unwell with COVID-19 symptoms whilst you are here on holiday, please begin isolating in your accommodation (bedroom) immediately along with the rest of your party. Use your in-room telephone to notify and seek further information from the hotel reception. If your accommodation doesn’t have a telephone, use your mobile and call 01983 406655.
  • If you need to extend your stay we can discuss this with you; we may also need to arrange for meals and drinks to be delivered to your room.
  • If you need, or wish, to return home immediately we will need to co-ordinate this carefully.

The above information is subject to change at any time. We are constantly checking Government Guidelines and updating our policies accordingly.

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